June 2016

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for all of the e-mails and now they have come to an end. The two e-mail addresses are closed and I will only post new info on this jamiesamsbooks.com page.

Children of Earth's medical website, Emergingworlds.com which has helped thousands of people who were chronically ill is also no longer on the net. The cost of keeping up with new internet technology needing to be updated was too much to handle. Along with all the requests for alternative healing methods and source material to get started in every individual's situation. It became overwhelming for me since I was the one personally answering most questions and referring people to holistic and ceremonial methods of healing to be used along with medical care.

I am grateful for the many honors that have been bestowed on me by my tribal elders, the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, as well as the FACE literacy program. I am grateful to the United Nations, the late President Nelson Mandala, the Aboriginal Grandmothers in Australia, the Eastern Band of the Cherokee, Cherokee Nation and to all of the readers of my books in 52 countries. The tiny percentage that I received from the publishers of my books has funded the work I was able to do for Indigenous people worldwide as well as my work on 28 reservations in the USA and many reserves in Canada. I send thanks to all of you from my red race counter-parts in North, Mezzo, and South America who have benefited in many ways.

My message for this season is to strengthen your intimacy with nature and with your own hearts. Remember that laughter is healing and the world changes one heart at a time, open yours and walk in beauty.

Four winds, Jamie Sams