The Land of Enchantment
The Land of Enchantment
On 2 cassettes, or 2 CD's,
2.5 hours

Good ol' Mojo (you remember him from ZBS Productions Moon Over Morocco), takes a job playing piano at the Armadillo bistro & Cabaret in the town of Coyote, New Mexico. There's some pretty wild characters up there, including Minnie TwoWorlds, she's half Apache and half Chinese. And Scout, Minnie's invisible spirit guide, he used to ride with Geronimo. Scout figures Mojo will make a pretty good warrior (if he can pass the tests). Of course, Scout is an Apache prankster, and he's got some fine tests for Mojo, oh yeah.

There's Sam, the owner of the Bistro, she's sure a feisty one bellowing out orders with that big Texan voice of hers. And Alice Nam-en-Warri, she's a little Australian aboriginal that just stepped out of the rocks one day. And Dona Mateo, an Hispanic curandera, she's gotta be at least a hundred years old. You can see her wearin' her red tennies and callin' in her healin' spirits with the whirlin' of that hula hoop of hers. There's plenty of Native American wisdom woven throughout, along with some great music and lots of laughs. It's a wild place up there, you're gonna love it. Make you feel good too.

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