The 13 Original Clan Mothers


The 13 Original Clan Mothers
"Jamie Sams is to be thanked for her teaching. She has given a sharing the knowledge of her Elders." - New Directions for Women.
    "As spellbinding and engrossing as an adventure novel - and far more relevant. Jamie articulates with remarkable clarity precisely the perspectives we now need to effectively and creatively address our personal and global challenges." - Ken Carey, author of Return of the Bird Tribes.
    "In this crucial time of our Earth walk, it is essential that we women reclaim our ability to nurture, create, and renew life. It is our responsibility to heal ourselves, reclaim the healing power that is ours, and thus form a solid foundation for transformation on other levels of life. In this magnificent book, Jamie offers a beautiful map of this healing journey for all to walk. If you take the opportunity to dedicate yourself to this quest, the Thirteen Clan Mothers will bless your life, and the full Circle of Life, with wholeness and holiness." Brooke Medicine Eagle, native EarthKeeper, teacher, and author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing.

Your sacred path to discovering the gifts, talents, & abilities of the feminine through the ancient teachings of the sisterhood.
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